63 sleeps until we beat the Eels

Annastacia Palaszczuk has just announced a 3-day lockdown for the greater Brisbane area, let's hope that sort of harsh measure will mean we can mitigate any risk of wide spread community transmission.

Why's that so important?

Well obviously for many reasons but on March 12, the Broncos play the Eels @ Suncorp Stadium and I want to be in the Eastern Stand sucking down a half-dozen XXXX Gold's with 30,000 - 40,000 fellow Broncos fans and absolutely giving it to Blake Ferguson.

Then after the Broncos win, I want to be able to walk up to the Caxton and celebrate the win with a rum & coke, or perhaps a few, in the carpark.

Is that too much to ask?

All I want for Christmas, is a cold beer on a Friday night and a competitive Broncos side to get behind.

I'm a fairly simple person.

And I reckon in 2021 we will indeed be competitive - there's plenty of people writing us off but I have faith in this young-ish group and Kevvie Walters.

Let's just wipe 2020 from the memory bank, the whole thing was a disaster, maybe aside from the form of Kotoni Staggs.

On the bright side, it can't get much worse, but I think we'll start well, in fact the first 3 rounds are all winnable.

Parramatta, Gold Coast & Canterbury.

In Round 4 we play the Storm, that might be a little bit tougher - but you never know.

The boys appear to be working hard and the forward pack is strong, real strong.

Haas, Carrigan & Pangai Jr among others - and led by the returning Andrew McCullough who in my humble opinion will be the skipper in 2021.

Missing Kotoni Staggs at the start of the year will hurt, no doubt. But it's an opportunity for someone else to stand up.

Our backline is exciting, they'll all be better again in 2022 - that's for sure and certain - but they'll be capable of scoring plenty of points this year as well.

What do they do with Anthony Milford, or better yet, what does our halves pairing look like? I'm not sure - in Kevvie we trust.

I am going to get right behind the mighty Broncos in 2021 - I wouldn't think playing finals would be beyond the realms of possibilities.

Jeez I'm looking forward to March 12 - bring it on.

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