6 blokes got kicked out of the SCG

Updated: Jan 11

We all saw it.

6 blokes were removed from the SCG just before tea on Sunday as Cameron Green was going berserk and had nice momentum rolling towards his maiden first test century.

It didn't happen, Green out for 84 - not a bad return regardless.

But when Mohammed Siraj complained about 6 spectators who had been sledging him, the game stopped for a good 15 minutes.

The umpires went over to assess the situation, then they got ground security and eventually NSW Police involved.

So 6 blokes removed, spoken to by Police and later ejected.

Of course immediately everyone assumes these blokes have gone at poor old Siraj racially.

But some reports suggest those assumptions might be wrong, it's always good in these things to use the word 'allegedly'.

So, allegedly, these blokes said something along the lines of 'Welcome to Sydney, Siraj'.

Now of course, I wasn't there, but if that's it then it's of course play on and there's nothing in it.

I remember vividly going to the cricket many a time and absolutely giving it the Poms who were fielding on the boundary rope.

It's a rite of passage for a young bloke.

The Aussies cop it when they go to England and all is fair in love and war.

In fact I distinctly remember the English cricketers spurring the crowd on as we hurled abuse toward them.

Now I tread with caution when I use that word 'abuse'. It's not abuse really, it is for the most part, just good banter.

If anyone gets personal or of course goes racial, then it's not on - no question at all, but in the instance of the latest incident at the SCG, it appears there's not much in it - again - I could be wrong.

So before we go and throw the book at these blokes, let's just take a deep breath and get the facts straight.

They've just been walked out of the stadium on national TV and aside from the mandatory masks somewhat hiding their identity, they've copped a fair bit of shame.

If they're in the wrong, throw the book at them and ban them for life, if they're not, then they're owed a fairly public apology.

Honestly, there's nothing better than giving it to the opposition fielding down at deep fine leg, let's not be too sensitive to take the right away from the cricket tragics amongst us.

Let's just keep it clean.

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