$50k Payne for Haas - now let's move on

$50,000 fine and a 3 week suspension for Payne Haas.

Cool, time to move on.

Is the punishment fair - well that's subjective.

Some say yes, some say not enough.

Based on precedent, maybe a little harsh but it wasn't his first offence so let's hope he's now learnt his lesson.


Phil Gould this morning thought he was let off light and called on the NSW Rugby League officials to not allow him to play in 2021.

Settle down Gus.

The problem of got with this, is that it will stay in the headlines for the next month and it will overshadow what appears to be the hard work the Broncos squad is putting in to get ready for 2021.

Yes, losing Payne Haas is a big loss - but we're going to have people out at various stages of the year with injuries and suspensions - it's an opportunity for someone to step up.

I do not condone, not for one second, the manner in which Payne Haas treated the police officers - clearly it might prove a smart move for Payne Haas to give up the drink for some time because his behaviour whilst under the influence is not acceptable.

But let's just leave it at that - can we not harp on about it for the next month.


We've all had a blow out or 60 on the piss before, Payne Haas is still young and learning - hopefully this is a big lesson.

Let's give him another chance, he's entitled to that, he didn't murder anyone, he didn't assault anyone - physically at least - let's move on.

Imagine if we crapped on about the positive stuff that goes on @ Red Hill as much as we did the negative.

But we don't because it doesn't sell newspapers and advertising space.

I am going to make it our mission this year to ensure that everyone something positive happens @ the Broncos, or for that matter, any NRL club, that we talk about it and we keep talking about it until the other bozos in the media join us.

I'm just going to moving the needle a little bit, one blog, one podcast & one video @ a time.

Anyways, rant over - just over a month until we beat the Eels @ Suncorp on a Friday night - I can taste the cold XXXX in my mouth already.

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