3 things out of the Roosters game we need to talk about

Saturday afternoon was a pretty comfortable watch for Chooks fans.

Just a lazy 42-point win.

Tedesco and Brett Morris grabbed hat-tricks.

Here's 3 things I was thinking just afterwards.

Firstly, it's pretty obvious to all that the Roosters need a goal kicker!

You can't have a prop that plays 45-50 minutes as your main goal kicker. Teddy took one shot and it missed by the length of the home straight @ Randwick.

Is Hazem El Masri definitely retired? He could hang out on a wing.

Having said that, if they keep winning by 40 points, goal kicking probably won't make too much of a difference!

Secondly, what are we going to do with Jake Friend?

Third concussion in 6 months and convulsing on the ground - that was scary and Roosters staff are said to be very concerned about the future for Friend.

They've of course already got skipper Boyd Cordner on the sidelines due to head knocks - I reckon Friend might not be far behind him.

Of course we will let the medical staff do their thing, but yikes it's getting a bit scary.

The third and last thing, how shit house are Manly!?

Seriously, the Roosters were good, far too good, but it's going to be a looooooonnnnngggg year for Sea Eagles fans.


This week Manly take on Souths and the Chooks will play the Tigers.

Souths / Roosters multi in that anyone?

It's great to have the league back.

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