3 things I'd do with the Broncos

I'm bound to the hip the Broncos, there's no turning back now.

It's tough right now, yes, but there's light at the end of the tunnel.


They're definitely on the nose of lots of supporters and fanatics right now, no doubt they're working hard, but they're just not getting the results.

So what needs to happen right now?

Here's my take - I don't think there's anything too unique about it.

Tom Dearden has to play halfback. Full stop. Period.

Is he ready for the NRL right now? Look, probably not, but he'll never get there if he isn't given the opportunity.

If we don't invest the bloke now, then we'll be stuck in the same spot again next year with an inexperienced half.

Pick and stick with Dearden.

I'm sorry Brodie Croft, but you're out.

We must sign Karmichael Hunt.

Where does he play? Either five eight or utility off the bench in the Benji Marshall type role that's working well @ Souths.

Admittedly Benji is playing in a winning side, it's a bit easier, but I think Karmichael can offer plenty to the Broncos in terms of sprinkling his experience over the playing group.

If Kotoni comes back and wants to play #6, then Hunt can shift out to the centres or do his thing from the bench.

Mind you, I think Kotoni is best out in the centres, so long as he gets early ball.

Karmichael could offer us plenty and I am sure he'd sign for a minimum contract - pretty sure we've still got 1 spot left on the roster as well.

Alex Glenn is done.

Sorry but the skipper isn't playing good footy.

Friday night, Glenn missed 7 tackles and had a further 6 ineffective tackles. Ineffective tackles are essentially where the tackled player can get an offload away.

If we're being kind, he's offering very little in attack. The carries are passive and comparably to other edge back rowers his post contact metres are really low.

If he was a great leader, we'd keep him in there, but from what I can see, I don't think there's much inspiration being drawn from the captain.

Where does Anthony Milford fit in amongst all this?

He's testing the patience big time, but if Karmichael is playing 6, then Milford maybe comes from the bench and adds some spark.

The guy has zero confidence, we're only seeing glimpses of what he can do on a football field.

Give him some opportunities to play some unstructured football, isn't that when he's at his best? When he's allowed to roam around and pop up in attack wherever he wants?

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