2 sleeps...

What a way to start the 2021 NRL season, the defending premiers take on the team that everyone is expecting big things from.

Storm vs Rabbitohs.

Bellamy vs Bennett.

How bloody good!

That's without a doubt the game of Round 1.

There might be a nice cheeky multi bet we can launch into for Round 1 of the NRL, that said, I am always weary of first round upsets.

If you think you know your NRL, then join the Inside Feed Tipping Competition!

Here's the deal.

$20 to sign up, all the money goes into a prize pool and every dollar is distributed at the end of the season.

Here's the breakdown...

Whoever wins this is going to walk away with some serious cash.

And if you're doing shit house through perhaps the first half of the season, you can re-calibrate the radar and try and pinch last.

No doubt sign ups will swell in the last few days - get in now and register!

$20 to sign up!

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