$2 for the Titans to make the Top 8?

I am going to be riding this right the way through 2021!

If you're happy to be patient, this is a sensational bet.

The Titans ended the 2020 season as arguably the form team in the competition outside of the Panthers & Storm.

Rewind to Round 16, Titans play the Dragons in Friday night football and win a tight one, 14-10.

That starts a 5-game winning streak to round out the year and Titans finish like an absolute freight train.

The Round 20 thrashing of the Knights had everyone on high alert.

If we had a 21-22 round season, then they're playing finals.

Now they add Dave Fifita and Tino Fa'asuamaleaui into the mix to join a young and already very strong pack.

Fifita sadly missed the origin series with an ankle injury, but he'll be raring to go after having surgery last month.

While big Tino was one of the big finds of 2020 and made plenty of headlines when he and Payne Haas tried to punch each others heads in during origin.

Those two signatures are massive for the Titans!

I know what you're saying, thanks Captain Obvious.

The forward pack is strong and they've got plenty coming through in the backline to suggest they can score enough points off the back of a strong platform up the middle.

They've extended the contract of coach Justin Holbrook and skipper Kevin Proctor has signed on for another season.

Stability in the leadership!

You get the feeling too that there's just something very good happening with this group and whilst many are suggesting that they could well give the premiership a real shake next year, I'll be confident that they'll be playing finals and perhaps a premiership beckons in the next couple of years, but maybe not in 2021 - although I am happy to be proven wrong!

Regardless, it all points to the Gold Coast Titans making some serious noise in 2021 and beyond.

I am a big advocate for people betting responsibly and this is no different, but crikey.

$2, ya kidding?

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